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Wow!! This morning, I type with my thumb and my middle finger with all humility ❤️❤️ and I celebrate immensely every scholar in this time and age!!! Mehn, my index finger’s tired is tired 😇😇 from typing as I had loads of APA 7 formatted papers in the form of case studies, reflections, critical reviews with or without references, and in-text citations submitted. It was a very busy one and I was sleep-deprived at some point juggling being me, a student, a wife, a mum, a sister, a daughter, an in-law, a businesswoman, a ministry coordinator, a volunteer, a coach, a coachee, a mentor, a mentee, a counsellor, a counsellee, a therapist and strategist. In all, I appreciate God for the privilege to do this this season, intentionally to journal all these in my Life journey Journal and Gratitude Journal both in our Balanced ME™ Toolbox which you can also Download for FREE, Sign Up on and Use Daily using the links below also in the bio: iOS Version: https://selar.co/BMTiOS Android Version: https://selar.co/BMTAndroid Once again, I say keep LIVING-LOVING-LAUGHING-THRIVING!